Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bus driver's death evokes call for free public transport

The NZ Herald published this letter from Fare-Free NZ editor, Roger Fowler today. The letter was written in the aftermath of the shocking assault and death of a Lower Hutt bus driver, Herman Curry, on Friday. His cashbox was later found minus about $30 - $50 bus fares.
Many bus drivers have experienced threats, assaults and robberies. If public transport was fare-free & cashboxes were removed, drivers could concentrate on their job: getting their passengers to their destinations promptly & safely - without the constant fear of such attacks.

On Public Transport

Collecting fares is a time-consuming, expensive and often dangerous method of paying for public transport.

Now, a bus driver has paid the ultimate price.

It is time to consider mass mobility as an important public service, like libraries. We should all share the costs and benefits.

Eliminate fares and upgrade public transport to get commuters out of cars, cut congestion, and make travel safer.

Roger Fowler,

Mangere East.