Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#Publictransit forum plans new free shuttle

Watertown, MA: "At the most recent transportation forum, local officials and residents gathered to talk through ways to improve the current system, while adding new options, including a local bus shuttle."

Christchurch transport woes: Free public buses or one more kilometre of new roads "The cost of free public transport would be about $20 million per year which is the amount currently collected in fares. It would require capital investment to increase the number of buses over the next five years as residents move to public transport.

This is less than the cost of a single kilometre of proposed new roading.

The government wants to prioritise a massive motorway to carve through the north of the city at enormous cost to all of us. In reality such huge roading projects are a subsidy for trucking companies. A single eight-tonne axle (big trucks may have several of these each) does the equivalent damage of 10,000 cars over the same road."