Thursday, January 29, 2015

Report: Kiwi commuters could save an average $10,000 a year by using public transport


ONE NEWS report 21 January 2015

A report that shows Kiwis could save an average of almost $10,000 a year by travelling to work with public transport instead of owning a car has prompted a call for more Government investment.

The Australasian Railway Association analysed the costs of commuting in Auckland and Wellington and major Australian cities.

It found the average Kiwi commuter pays $11,852 per annum in car ownership and running costs.
By not owning a car or buying a second household car, and commuting with public transport instead, New Zealand commuters can potentially save on average $9,065 each year.

If a New Zealand car owner decides to leave their vehicle at home and use public transport to commute to work, they can on average potentially save $2,119 a year.

Jon Reeves from the Public Transport Users Association says the Government needs to encourage more New Zealanders to use public transport by putting more money into the service.

"What we need to see is the Government pushing for more public transport expenditure and it's not really doing that," he says.

"We need things like a Hamilton to Auckland commuter rail service, Christchurch needs commuter trains but the Government's not really looking at that."

"The report may wake up people that public transport is the way to go, in fact in Auckland we're seeing huge increases - in Auckland there's been a 67% increase in people using trains since 2006."
Mr Reeves believes if public transport could be improved in regional areas communities would save more money.

"They wouldn't have to drive around the place. They'd have money in their pocket which would be great."

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