Saturday, August 1, 2009

Greens propose free public transport for students

Green Party Co-Leader Dr Russel Norman has today unveiled a bold plan to cut traffic congestion, reduce air pollution and help the economy.
“Our new Green Party policy will provide free public transport for all school students during school times and a 50 percent discount at other times. We would introduce the policy for a one-year trial, then review it.
“Our policy is particularly relevant to our biggest city Auckland. Any Aucklander will tell you that road congestion dramatically reduces during school holidays, when children aren’t being driven to school.” scoop

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  1. Green Party members can also get involved in an 'Issue Group' on free fares which is being set up - see and which may take Green policy further than just free transport for children.
    Members can also add to the blog at says road improvements will cost $1,013m in 2008/9, but public transport $325m. Over 3 times as much is being spent on new roads as on the whole of public transport. Fares contribute less than half the amount spent on public transport, so abolishing fares AND greatly improving public transport can be done without any increase in the transport budget. It just requires spending it in a way that recognises environmental reality, rather than the current head in the sand approach.