Monday, February 21, 2011

Wifi on public transport if Labor elected

WIFI will be free for commuters if the Labor Party is re-elected next month.

It will be available on a bus, ferry or train for commuters to check their emails, read the news or do their banking.

The free wifi will be installed by the end of 2011 on all metrobuses and Sydney Ferries, with the rest of the bus fleet and CityRail trains to follow.

The Government has also announced that by the end of this month, all Sydney Buses commuters will be able to send a text message and receive up-to-the-minute information about when their next bus will arrive.

If is re-elected, the Labor Party will extend the next bus SMS service to every bus in the metropolitan network, including private operators.

What a great idea! Yes, there needs to be an all-out effort to make public transport user-friendly and attract the bulk of commuters - including:
  • free Wifi connections,
  • space for wheel chairs, push chairs, shopping & even bikes
  • comfortable seating
  • on-board 'ambassadors' to offer directions, assistance & to deter anti-social behaviour,
  • priority lanes & traffic signals for buses
  • more bike & walking facilities
  • easy transfers & links
  • colour coded routes & vehicles
  • very frequent services
  • 24 hour operation
  • passenger shelters that actually protect people from the elements
  • modern no-emission buses & electric trains & trams & ferries
.... the list goes on - but the central ingredient to really get commuters onto decent public transport & slash car-dependency, pollution & oil consumption big time: make it free to use and frequent with easy access - no waiting, no tickets, no money handling, no cash box robberies, no parking woes, no traffic gridlock, reduce road accidents & resulting medical treatment... modern, civilised stress-free mobility for people.

FareFreeNZ Editor

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