Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave the car in the garage - could save you $10,000 a year

Pocatello Transit Wants You To Dump The Pump

POSTED: 4:47 pm MDT June 16, 2011

Transit officials want locals in Pocatello to dump the pump and, in the process, save a little cash.

Thursday is national Dump the Pump Day, and Pocatello Regional Transit is hoping to entice more people to take the bus instead of their car.The PRT has begun handing out small flyers, and will continue through the week.

They give the holder a full free month on Pocatello public transportation.Transit officials said if you haven't considered taking the bus in Pocatello recently, look again. Routes have been expanded and schedules improved.

They said if you can take advantage of public transport enough to get a rid of a car, it'll save the average family about $10,000 a year.

...hey - this public transport thing might be the way to go!

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