Friday, April 5, 2013

Free public transport in Estonian capital is "officially awesome"

A tram in Tallinn, Estonia (© Richard Sowersby/Rex Features)

If you're sick of scrambling for bus fare or shelling out for gas, consider a move to Estonia.

Tallinn, its capital, now offers free public transportation to residents (sorry, tourists), allowing travel by bus or tram with the swipe of a residency card.

It's the world’s first capital city to offer such a perk, and while detractors grumble about lost revenue and creepy trackability, proponents say it has cut down on congestion and pollution, boosted the economy and enticed new residents, increasing the tax base. Plus, it's saving people bundles. The mayor calls it the "13th monthly salary," contending it will save residents about a month's wages annually.

Other cities around the world are considering similar plans. We hope that includes ours. [Source]
msn report, 4 March 2013. Click to see more on, updated 24 hours a day. 


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