Thursday, September 26, 2013

Local trains could be added to Tallinn's Free Public Transport system


Tallinn city in Estonia is the first European Capital to waive public transport fares for all residents. (see reports elsewhere on this site. Editor.).

Now the Tallinn City Council is set to debate a bill that would lead to the city signing an agreement with state-owned rail passenger service operator Elektriraudtee to wave ticket fees for Tallinn residents on train lines in the city.

Residents have switched over from trains to Tallinn's own public transport after the latter was made free from January 1 this year, meaning that the strain on buses, trams and trolley buses has increased, reported.

If the bill is passed and an agreement with Elektriraudtee reached, residents will be able to use their public transport card on trains in the first zone of Elektriraudtee's operating area.

The initial project would last until December 31, 2014 and would cost the city 375,000 euros.

Estonia Public Broadcasting, 25 September 2013. (Slightly amended)

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