Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sign the petition for zero fares


To: Minister of Transport, Michael Wood

Now is the moment for free fares

Now is the moment for free fares

We call on the Minister of Transport, Michael Wood, to implement free public transport for Community Service Card holders, full- and part-time tertiary students, and under-25s nationwide. 

We want to see this fully funded by central government in Budget 2022 and free fares beginning in 2023.

We also acknowledge the need for this government to reduce fares for all other passengers and to increase the reach, frequency and quality of services in underserved areas.

Why is this important?

New Zealand should be a place where everyone can afford public transport to stay connected, enjoy our regions, and travel in a way that’s kind to the environment.

But with the high cost of public transport, many people can only afford to travel by private car, causing congestion and harmful carbon emissions. Some people don’t travel at all, and their wellbeing and communities suffer as a result.

The solution is for the government to fund free fares for public transport, starting with low-income groups and under-25s. 

The case has never been stronger. New Zealand needs to take bold actions to reduce emissions and improve equity; we also need to address rising living costs and pandemic pressures that are pushing people into poverty. Free fares is a solution. Now is the moment!

The Free Fares petition has hit 2000 signatures in less than one week. Fantastic work getting it out there!

We'd love to double that. Could you send an email blast or newsletter to your members? Text you can use is below.

We've also set an outrageous goal of getting 100 individual councilors to support the campaign... before 18 November. There are 25 on board so far, plus several councils will soon vote on motions of support.

Can you help us? Do you know any individual local city or district councilors that you could ask to support the campaign? That involves adding their name to a public list that will be used on the website and in public media (we'll send out a press release on 18 November). We will also keep them updated about the campaign. If they want to get further involved, they are most welcome. Here's a template you can use to reach out to councilors. Direct them to this sign up form, or send questions to

Thanks again for your support. A reminder we have weekly strategy meetings, 7pmWednesdays on Zoom, for anyone wanting to join. This week's link is here.

Here's text to you can adapt for email newsletters:
  • Join the call for free fares. Our organisation has teamed up with dozens of others around Aotearoa to support the Free Fares campaign ( Together we are calling on Transport Minister Michael Wood to make public transport FREE for all under-25s, tertiary students and Community Service Card holders, so that more people can afford climate-friendly options. Everyone should be able to afford public transport, but the high cost leaves many people reliant on private cars or disconnected from their community. Free fares is part of the solution! Sign the petition here:
Best wishes,

Kate Day

Advocacy Enabler

Anglican Movement

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