Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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A new Canadian website advocates for free public transport

The move towards free transit is global. Here is an item from the new Toronto website "Peoples' Transit" - check out the list of fare-free transit websites around the world in the right hand column of this site.

FareFreeNZ editor

"What if we built a green, expansive public transit? What if it were free?"

Did you know that the government has set aside $125-billion of your money to fund banks? Did you know that auto companies received $4-billion of your money in funding? that the government has created a $12-billion fund of your money to encourage car-buying to keep these companies afloat?

These banks are making massive profits. The car companies are producing cars no one wants to buy, and that additionally are big polluters and clog up our roads. These subsidies may preserve some jobs in the short-term, but thousands have already lost their auto-producing jobs and more cuts will be on the way.

Why is the government propping up the rich with the money of working people instead of reinvesting it in their interests? Why do we get fare hikes, when the rich get bailouts?

Did you know that the TTC shortfall for this year to be covered by fare hikes is just $50-million? In comparison to the big bailouts, that’s peanuts. But for working people, already paying some of the highest transit fares in North America, paying more is not an option.

What if the government spent that money on building the kind of public transit infrastructure necessary for the City of Toronto, and spent that money on keeping it operating so that more jobs were created, more people started sustainable, local businesses, and people in any part of Toronto could access any other part of Toronto?

What if we built a green, expansive, public transit?

What if it were free?

It’s doable. It would be a true People’s Transit.

Read more about People’s Transit. Tell us what you think: peoples.transit [at] gmail.com

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