Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another bus driver bashed for his cashbox

Auckland bus driver, Sudeep Singh, has been the latest victim of an ugly assault. He was repeatedly bashed in the head and his cashbox stolen last Friday night in Otara. Singh said his turban protected his head and saved his life. [NZ Herald 11/5/2010]

The Tramways Union has called off a planned stopwork meeting at the Wiri bus depot after NZ Bus promised safety improvements.

There have been many robberies of city bus drivers over the past year. Auckland rail workers were also on the verge of major stopwork action, before Veolia Transport promised safety upgrades following a recent robbery attack of a female train manager.

But the best safeguard to ensure the safety of public transport workers is to make these services fare free - so there would be no cashbox to steal. No disputes over fares, no tickets to issue... and the drivers would be able to focus on their primary task - to get their passengers to their destinations safely and promptly.

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